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Page Fault Handler to Automatically Grow Stack

	mov %cr2, %rax
	push %rax
	cmp $6, 0x40(%rsp)	# Test the error code for write to non-present page
	jne notnp
	sub %rax, %rbp		# Test to see if the faulting address is
	cmp $0, %rbp		# within a page of the stack pointer
	jl notnp
	cmp $0x1000, %rbp
	jg notnp
	mov %rax, %rdi
	mov  currentTask, %r15
	movw, %rsi
	mov $7, %rdx
	call AllocAndCreatePTE	# Allocate a new page
	invlpg 0(%rsp)		# We'll get another page fault if we don't do this
	pop %rax
	add $0x8, %rsp		# Get rid of the pushed error code
	pop %rax
	KWRITE_STRING $PFmessage, $0, $0
	KWRITE_STRING $error, $6, $60
	KWRITE_DOUBLE 0x20(%rsp), $6, $68
	add $8, %rsp
	KWRITE_STRING $address, $7, $60
	KWRITE_DOUBLE %cr2, $7, $68
	jmp intrr
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