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Updates to System

March 31, 2012

It seems like ages since I added anything to the website. Not surprising, as it is ages. But I have been working, on and off, on the system and have now made what I think are significant improvements, and have improved the stability considerable, so I present them for your entertainment.

Those of you who have looked at IanOS in the past will notice:

1. I have now adopted the standard UNIX/Linux system calls, with just one or two of my own. The hope is that one day – in the far, far distant future – I may get to the stage of porting software from Linux.

2. The console task now supports multiple consoles. Sounds easy but it involved a lot of work.

3. I’ve written a few more user programs, and I’m in the process of writing a simple text editor. This will, I think, be the first really useful program. One day I’d like to produce, or port, an assembler and C compiler so that the system could compile itself. Well, we can all dream.

4. The filesystem has been improved considerably with working support for directories, files that use more than one disk cluster, etc. It’s still a bit rough but I’m getting there.

All round, the system is more stable, more versatile and, I hope, better commented and documented. I’m aware that there is room for improvement in the documentation and I am looking into this.

As I work on the system further I’ll try hard to keep this blog updated. But, don’t forget, it’s all just a fun project and sometimes I have other things that attract my interest. So bear with me if I sometimes neglect this little project.



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