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File System

May 11, 2009

Time to enhance the file system, I think. Currently it can only read from the disk, and doesn’t know about subdirectories. First step will be to add write access. The IDE part of this should be fairly straightforward, but the FAT part is possibly a little more complicated. We need to be able to create directory entries and manage the FAT itself.

This is going to mean accessing the FAT itself quite a bit, so it’s going to be necessary to buffer it; memory accesses are obviously preferable to a lot of disk accesses. One possibility is just to keep the whole FAT in memory as an array; this does seem a little wasteful on memory, and makes it more difficult to ascertain which sectors of the FAT need to be rewritten to disk when changes are made (easy if the FAT is rewritten for each change, but more difficult is we want to do these updates in batches). Another possibility is to have an array of pointers to structures containing each sector of the FAT and information about whether the sector has changed since it was read from disk. This would be much more efficient memory-wise, as it would only be necessary to create structures for FAT sectors that have been read, but complicates access to the FAT slightly. I’m not quite sure which is more important – memory space or efficient access. But I do prefer the ellegance of the sparse-memory approach (the second possibility). Also, it’s a little more complicated to program – but as the whole point of this exercise is to have fun, that’s an advantage not a disadvantage!

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